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About Us

EIMS PRIVATE LIMITED is based in Islamabad, the Capital of Republic of Pakistan. The EIMS get the license for Manpower Recruitment Promoter’s and enjoys the privilege of being one of the best Overseas Employment Agency of Pakistan. Our Overseas Employment Agency is recognized by the Government of Pakistan and is a member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA). our company has been offering excellent Manpower Employment Services and Staffing Services to many satisfied companies around the world.

Our manpower recruitment company have the privilege of sending very educated, talented and hardworking manpower and in the process has not only brightened the future of employees but also earned the goodwill and appreciation of overseas employers. EIMS has earned the repute as a winning employment agency of Pakistan with a very clear and successful track-record spread. There have been no complaints, grievances or disputes from either the employers or employees or the government.